Buyuk Ortadogu Saglik Ve Egitim Vakfi

Buyuk Ortadogu Saglik Ve Egitim Vakfi is a part of Grand Middle East Health and Education Foundatio. The foundation is established to give service on Health, Education and Economic fields and operates for development with cultural solidarity, with respect to this field it gives importance for foreign scientific, health, education, economic and cultural developments, has been established to support the research projects and activities.

In all areas and levels of educations is opened, continues to provide material and spiritual opportunities for people in all ages between 7 to 70, founded in 2009. Educational content as below;
- Management Certificate Programme in Health organizations,
- Executive Development Certificate Program in Nursing,
- Nursery Education Specialization Program in Educational Administration

Foundations has 5 volunteer as management board, 50 staff working as member volunteer.
Our Foundation staff with the rich experiences in the health field; within the possibilities of the foundation, following the developments in the domestic and overseas health; 

The cost of all kinds of tools and equipment required by modern medicine or provide them free of whether to offer them the benefit of the community, to build all kinds of health care facilities in the field of education; still within the facilities, libraries in every language and branches, classrooms, reading rooms, open courses, seminars, symposia, established with the objectives of lectures, fulfill most of them until now, has been targeting however not satisfied with better time.

The earliest supporters of the health sector under BOSEV umbrella, including disadvantaged groups, especially medical centers have achieved so far too widely, the education given in the social field, particularly in the health sector has undergone many good practices in home care services.
Health sector university students in the training center of the new building, mainly various training continues uninterrupted. This training usually gives pioneering scholars of the majority of the foundation founder health sector.

Besides women's branch of the commission under the leadership of music for the female population, seminars, personal development courses are held. Although mostly housewives of these courses the participants of the pioneer women workers in the health sector is among the target audience.
After the success shown in the national projects, foundation wish to continue in the international arena, esp. in European ones. Discussing and finding solutions for health sector is more easy way to meet each of us in an European based structured project.
BOSEV also works to provide training and financial support for the successful people of all ages in undeveloped in Ankara. Great Middle East Health and Education Foundation BOSEV (Greater Middle East Health and Education Association) each month, offers scholarships to 30 young people studying at the university.

BOSEV offers free health screening services for the population of rural areas.
BOSEV low-income population also is implementing a large number of discounts.
BOSEV also free personal development in the entire Ankara, which provides training on health and hygiene topics.
BOSEV across in Ankara due to the adjective is an umbrella organization with supporters in different sectors of their medical centers, hospitals and clinics for employees, offers professional development courses for trainees. BOSEV is to contribute through publications to contribute to policy-makers in Turkey. With EU projects implemented by the local education and health-based projects success is willing to transfer to Europe.